Awesome to host the 2nd Annual MN Scapula Course! Tremendous faculty and attendee engagement for a full day of bioskills and didactic curriculum!

Thanks to loyal and fearless faculty, and a fantastic group of surgeons from 15 states and 6 countries.

Thank you to Tim O’Connor, MD, Evgeny Dyskin, MD, Chad Myeroff, MD, Austin Heare, MD and Babar Shafiq, MD.

Faculty member, Dr Tim O’Connor

Dr Peter Cole, MN Scapula Course Director, finishes the last session of didactics and complex case discussions as visiting surgeon, Dr. Pierre Woolley (Haiti) contemplates surgical solutions.

Dr.’s Austin Heare (Miami) and David Barei (Seattle) discuss the optional ORIF strategies for a complex scapula body fracture.

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